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me so stupid   
07:31pm 05/11/2005
  what have i done?...im an idiot  
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12:16pm 27/10/2005
  i just realize being single kinda sucks.  
01:41pm 10/10/2005
mood: anxious
hey guys, my band is playing this saturday night at club zoe in downtown tacoma. i dont know how much it is but the place is pretty cool. we're playing with umber sleeping and come down heaven. It might suck cuz its like our first show since the beginning of summer and we've only had one band practice but it'll be fun times. Im stoked for coheed this wednesday....its going to be awesome. Work has been going good.... hopefully i can save enough this year to pay off my car, then ill finally go back to school next year. I miss hanging out with all of the old homiez... If you guys ever want to hang out definetly give me a call. Scott and Travis...the saves the day show is going to be tight...well i gotta go so ill update later.peace
11:26pm 20/09/2005
  i got the new cd today at bestbuy for ten bucks and it came with a 4 song live cd also. This cd has 15 songs and they're amazing. The last two cd's i kinda had to get use to the songs, but this one they just sounded hella tight the first time. Im so stoked for the show coming up guyz!!! erica, travis, and karla...the fair was so much fun....thanks for coming with us..... the goats were awesome. travis remember what you were staring at......hahaha  
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01:07pm 19/08/2005
  guess whos playing next month?.....ARMOR FOR SLEEP!!!!im stoked. ill be going to that show, coheed, and greenday all in like 2 months, but there wont be any other good shows till summer time so i might as well go to these all while i have the chance. My band is finally going to start practicing again. We got a practice space near wrights park called hush studios. Its like $400 a month but we're going in on it with another band so its only like $40 a person. ill probably update later so peace out  
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04:02pm 05/08/2005
  alright the concert is on a wednesday night(which i have to work on) but im getting tickets tomorrow(the first day their out) cuz this showz going to be SICK!! I dont care if they make me work, im calling in sick or something.blood brothers and dredge are also playing which is tight. Let me know if you guyz want tickets asap, cuz im buying them tommorrow. peace  
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doh de bo   
05:56pm 11/07/2005
  im pissed i went home today and my brother was like "armor for sleep and thrice were so tight!" and it sucks cuz those are like two of my most favorite bands and i havent seen them yet. Im going to warped tour next year for sheezy. im out  
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10:46pm 09/07/2005
mood: sad
its been a while.....yeah. ive been working alot at guitar center trying to pay off my car. its been going pretty good. im glad to see all my friends back from college. this summers been pretty cool so far...i wish i could have gone to warped tour but oh well. i dont even know if anybody is going to read this cuz i havent posted in so long so im going to stop now. peace out wookies
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08:49pm 07/01/2005
mood: hungry
hey guyz, i havent updated in a hella long time but its cold outside and theres nothing to do, so yeah...... My band is finally playing again. on feb. 9th at Fenders we're playing this battle of the bands thing...it should be pretty cool. I think me and karla are going to the play at wilson thursday night, so if any of you guyz want to go with us, thatd be cool, i miss ALL THE HOMIEZ!!!! well i hope you all are having fun with school and everything, but ill definetly see ya guyz around. peace out
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08:06pm 18/11/2004
mood: naughty
sup guys, sorry i havent updated for a while. Well I got a new car finally kinda....well im financing it for two years but anyways...its a 96 vw passat vr6, green, sunroof, 172hp, and yeah its pretty sweet. Works been going ok i guess. Its going to get busy cuz christmas is coming up but i dont really mind too much. My band is still recording...its going pretty slow, but its cuz my guitar player was in las vegas for two weeks, and my bro's amp broke so he's getting it fixed this very moment. Last thursday, me, josh, chris, and andrew went bowling...it was fun hanging out with all them again. $15 bucks gets you a $10 gas card and unlimited bowling all night....pretty sweet eh? Tomorrow, me and karla are going to see damian act in the bellarmine play, its going to be fun. After that i dont know whats going on but yeah....i gotta go so ill try to update sometime in the near future..Peace out you rastafarian pig eaters
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07:42pm 18/10/2004
mood: loved
sorry i havent updated in a long time...ive been working alot. so yeah we got a new bass player cuz izzy is too busy with his 4 other bands so we got the bass player from amorphous shawn kelly. Hes really good, and he already has nice gear. He also fits the band better...oh and he's my age so im not the young one in the band anymore....booyah. anyways yeah so my mom and dad got in like a huge fight like a week ago so i think their going to get a divorce. me and my bro have been staying with my sister along with my mom too, so yeah thats pretty much my new home for a while until i move out...it kinda sucks but im alot closer to all my friends now so its not too bad. Im going to buy a car real soon too so thats good. I cant wait till the coheed and cambria show.....its going to be SICK!! oh i also cant wait to go to the blue mouse show too...thats going to be fun seeing everyone again..well ill see ya guys later...peace
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i gotta go to work   
09:38am 01/10/2004
mood: busy
i was watching the debate yesterday between john kerry and president bush....and karla helped me notice that john kerry looks exactly like the tree dude from lord of the rings, and bush looks very similar to yoda...i just wanted to say that, peace
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12:52pm 26/09/2004
mood: tired
last night was pretty fun. me and karla went to carries party...i didnt know alot of people, but i guess nobody really knew them either. this morning i had a fatty headache cuz of the couch i slept on. later today guitar center is having like a store party, so im going to get drunk tonight too...its funny cuz everyone at guitar center drinks. only less than two weeks till the taking back sunday show...actually i should say the story of the year, my chemical romance, lostprophets, matchbook romance, falloutboy, taking back sunday show cuz all those bands can be headliners. ill update later peace
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Yay...a new and improved bass player   
12:27am 25/09/2004
mood: chipper
well...im at ericas house right now with alan and scott and we just waterballooned some random people...it was funny. anyways after work today we had a band meeting and we got ourselves a new bass player. His names Izzy and he works at guitar center. Hes a really cool guy and should be a key factor in garvey switch's success. Ive seen his other band Normandy and he moves around alot and so that should be fun. Izzy has been around the music scene for like 7 years and he's totally down with touring and making music his number one priority so that is awesome. he fits the band really well too. he's kind of a tweaker, but thats tight. It should take a little longer for our cd to come out cuz he has to learn all of our songs but that doesnt matter too much. i cant wait till the nintendo tour...that should be way tight...oh and COHEED AND CAMBRIA is playing on the 30th of october..already got tickets to that too, im way STOKED!!! tonight we saw napoleon dynamite again...it was so funny cuz this time we noticed that the microphones were always at the top of the screen..it was hilarious. It was nice to see bri and damian again...i hadnt seen them for a while. well i gotta go but ill try and update soon. peace
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Congratulations.....would you like to meet Spock?   
09:26pm 16/09/2004
mood: hungry
sorry i havent updated in awhile.My internet has been down so im at karlas updating. Work has been going good. Time flys by when your talking to people about drums and playing on drumsets all day. The other day 2004 drumoff in the drum department....some 14 year old girl won, but she also takes lessons from jay douglass, like one of the rawest drummers in tacoma. Im stoked for this weekend...me,karla,erica,and travis are going to hang out so that should be tight like always....guyz im stoked for the nintendo tour....we have to buy tickets this weekend, its going to be TIGHT! Ive been sanding down my drums cuz my brothers going to either make my drums green sparkle,white sparkle, or ice blue sparkle....but i cant decide...what should i do? anyways ill try to update later.peace
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Im back from my mission.....my mission from GUITAR CENTER   
11:16pm 04/09/2004
mood: awake
sorry that i havent been updating lately...ive been working alot..oh yeah i got that job at guitar center the other day...im pretty stoked cuz im going to work full time and make bank so i can save up in like a month for a gti or corrado. I just got back from seeing vaux,arkaum, ghost runner on third, and Hopesfall at hells kitchen with Karla...it was an awesome show. hopesfall was fucking sick, they were better this time than the first time i saw them awhile ago. Tomorrow before work im picking out drum tracks for our cd, so that should be fun. After the show we went to 7 eleven and got slurpees....ahh they were so good. Scott, travis, and erica....we have to hang out soon, i miss ya guys already. oh and for everyone in last years show choir...sorry but i gotta work at guitar center so ill be missing out on the performance at UW. they wont let me off work... kinda sucks but ill see ya guys around so its all good. tomorrow is kinda my last day at quiznos...but it isnt cuz i told them id still work there "On call" like if someone needs me to work for them...cuz i'll be able to still go there whenever i want for free food.....smart on my part huh.. ill be saving like 40 bucks a week on food. well i gotta go but ill try to update more often even though ill be at work all the time. oh my schedule for guitar center is tuesday, thursday, friday, saturday morning, and sunday....so call me monday,wednesday, and saturday night to hang out. peace
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racing is soooo tight   
11:23pm 29/08/2004
mood: anxious
yeah yesterday at the battle of the imports was awesome. there were so many fast cars there. I saw a supra get a 9.7 quarter mile and a rsx get a 9.9. There was a nissan skyline too which got a 12.1 and a stock evo which got a 12.9 i think. There werent alot of people watching the bands but when we played alot more people came to watch us, it was pretty cool. the PA system was awesome too, everything sounded real good. you could here the music all over the raceway. tomorrow i got my job interview at guitar center...im kinda nervous but not really since ty already put in a good word for me. alright im outty
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im really tired   
12:03am 28/08/2004
mood: tired
so i had my show today at club adrian. I thought it went alright. like we didnt play good, but we didnt suck to much...it was an average show. people thought it was good though like usually but i know i messed up big time. More of my friends showed up than i thought which was pretty cool. tomorrow is a big day. I have a gig at the raceways up in auburn and like 6000-7000 people show up every year for the car show. theres going to be quarter mile races and a bikini contest so that should be cool. Im stoked.....i hope we play alot better tomorrow, but im sure we will after this crappy show we just played. Karla i miss you...i barely got to see you today... but hopefully soon we'll be able to hang out like all day. You guyz like my new icon. I call it "Chewy Chubaka...the coolest wookie in town". look he got all groomed up for you guys. Im tired so im going to bed. peace
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quiznos sucks   
01:10am 26/08/2004
mood: bored
yeah so i havent updated in a while..anyways i wrote a killer part to this song i wrote. travis tabbed it on his computer and late last night i just started making up a whole bunch of new parts which was cool. its hella catchy. this weekend my band has two shows which should be fun. so today at work i got written up cuz my manager and the owner checked the cameras and saw me slacking off pretty much....but i dont even care. im leaving that place soon anyways. They can go suck gary colemans balls for all i care....see look at gary up at the top....he looks pretty stoked to get his balls sucked by my owner haha. ive been working too much lately, havent had time to do alot of things ive been wanting to do but i guess its good...making money and all....naw it sucks. I got my car fixed the other day which is tight. well im off to bed so peace
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what do you think about my story....its called the little monkey man   
11:55am 18/08/2004
mood: blah
once upon a time..there was a monkey. And the monkey was like "look at me..im a little monkey!", but nobody really cared so the monkey got a job at some teryaki burger place to show off his skills. He was like " look at me, im flipping burgers, look at me Im a little monkey man", and the donkey was like " shut up nobody cares", and the monkey was like " F you" and the donkey was like "lets go", and the monkey was like "OK". so the monkey and the donkey went in the street to fight and they both got ran over by a bus. the end
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