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quiznos sucks

yeah so i havent updated in a while..anyways i wrote a killer part to this song i wrote. travis tabbed it on his computer and late last night i just started making up a whole bunch of new parts which was cool. its hella catchy. this weekend my band has two shows which should be fun. so today at work i got written up cuz my manager and the owner checked the cameras and saw me slacking off pretty much....but i dont even care. im leaving that place soon anyways. They can go suck gary colemans balls for all i care....see look at gary up at the top....he looks pretty stoked to get his balls sucked by my owner haha. ive been working too much lately, havent had time to do alot of things ive been wanting to do but i guess its good...making money and all....naw it sucks. I got my car fixed the other day which is tight. well im off to bed so peace
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