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Yay...a new and improved bass player at ericas house right now with alan and scott and we just waterballooned some random was funny. anyways after work today we had a band meeting and we got ourselves a new bass player. His names Izzy and he works at guitar center. Hes a really cool guy and should be a key factor in garvey switch's success. Ive seen his other band Normandy and he moves around alot and so that should be fun. Izzy has been around the music scene for like 7 years and he's totally down with touring and making music his number one priority so that is awesome. he fits the band really well too. he's kind of a tweaker, but thats tight. It should take a little longer for our cd to come out cuz he has to learn all of our songs but that doesnt matter too much. i cant wait till the nintendo tour...that should be way tight...oh and COHEED AND CAMBRIA is playing on the 30th of october..already got tickets to that too, im way STOKED!!! tonight we saw napoleon dynamite was so funny cuz this time we noticed that the microphones were always at the top of the was hilarious. It was nice to see bri and damian again...i hadnt seen them for a while. well i gotta go but ill try and update soon. peace
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