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sorry i havent updated in a long time...ive been working alot. so yeah we got a new bass player cuz izzy is too busy with his 4 other bands so we got the bass player from amorphous shawn kelly. Hes really good, and he already has nice gear. He also fits the band better...oh and he's my age so im not the young one in the band anymore....booyah. anyways yeah so my mom and dad got in like a huge fight like a week ago so i think their going to get a divorce. me and my bro have been staying with my sister along with my mom too, so yeah thats pretty much my new home for a while until i move kinda sucks but im alot closer to all my friends now so its not too bad. Im going to buy a car real soon too so thats good. I cant wait till the coheed and cambria show.....its going to be SICK!! oh i also cant wait to go to the blue mouse show too...thats going to be fun seeing everyone again..well ill see ya guys later...peace
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