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im really tired

so i had my show today at club adrian. I thought it went alright. like we didnt play good, but we didnt suck to was an average show. people thought it was good though like usually but i know i messed up big time. More of my friends showed up than i thought which was pretty cool. tomorrow is a big day. I have a gig at the raceways up in auburn and like 6000-7000 people show up every year for the car show. theres going to be quarter mile races and a bikini contest so that should be cool. Im stoked.....i hope we play alot better tomorrow, but im sure we will after this crappy show we just played. Karla i miss you...i barely got to see you today... but hopefully soon we'll be able to hang out like all day. You guyz like my new icon. I call it "Chewy Chubaka...the coolest wookie in town". look he got all groomed up for you guys. Im tired so im going to bed. peace
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