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Im back from my mission from GUITAR CENTER

sorry that i havent been updating lately...ive been working alot..oh yeah i got that job at guitar center the other pretty stoked cuz im going to work full time and make bank so i can save up in like a month for a gti or corrado. I just got back from seeing vaux,arkaum, ghost runner on third, and Hopesfall at hells kitchen with was an awesome show. hopesfall was fucking sick, they were better this time than the first time i saw them awhile ago. Tomorrow before work im picking out drum tracks for our cd, so that should be fun. After the show we went to 7 eleven and got slurpees....ahh they were so good. Scott, travis, and erica....we have to hang out soon, i miss ya guys already. oh and for everyone in last years show choir...sorry but i gotta work at guitar center so ill be missing out on the performance at UW. they wont let me off work... kinda sucks but ill see ya guys around so its all good. tomorrow is kinda my last day at quiznos...but it isnt cuz i told them id still work there "On call" like if someone needs me to work for them...cuz i'll be able to still go there whenever i want for free on my part huh.. ill be saving like 40 bucks a week on food. well i gotta go but ill try to update more often even though ill be at work all the time. oh my schedule for guitar center is tuesday, thursday, friday, saturday morning, and call me monday,wednesday, and saturday night to hang out. peace
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