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Congratulations.....would you like to meet Spock?

sorry i havent updated in awhile.My internet has been down so im at karlas updating. Work has been going good. Time flys by when your talking to people about drums and playing on drumsets all day. The other day 2004 drumoff in the drum department....some 14 year old girl won, but she also takes lessons from jay douglass, like one of the rawest drummers in tacoma. Im stoked for this,karla,erica,and travis are going to hang out so that should be tight like always....guyz im stoked for the nintendo tour....we have to buy tickets this weekend, its going to be TIGHT! Ive been sanding down my drums cuz my brothers going to either make my drums green sparkle,white sparkle, or ice blue sparkle....but i cant decide...what should i do? anyways ill try to update later.peace
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