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sup guys, sorry i havent updated for a while. Well I got a new car finally kinda....well im financing it for two years but anyways...its a 96 vw passat vr6, green, sunroof, 172hp, and yeah its pretty sweet. Works been going ok i guess. Its going to get busy cuz christmas is coming up but i dont really mind too much. My band is still recording...its going pretty slow, but its cuz my guitar player was in las vegas for two weeks, and my bro's amp broke so he's getting it fixed this very moment. Last thursday, me, josh, chris, and andrew went was fun hanging out with all them again. $15 bucks gets you a $10 gas card and unlimited bowling all night....pretty sweet eh? Tomorrow, me and karla are going to see damian act in the bellarmine play, its going to be fun. After that i dont know whats going on but yeah....i gotta go so ill try to update sometime in the near future..Peace out you rastafarian pig eaters
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